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Dentists For Children

Little Smiles Program

Good oral health starts at home. Your role as parents is crucial in helping your little ones develop a lifetime of healthy smiles.

Here at Southdown Dental in Mississauga, we’re always happy to work with parents in caring for your family’s oral health.

What is a Child’s First Dental Visit Like?

Our dental team loves working with children. Your child’s first impression of the dental office should be a pleasant one. That’s why we strive to give them a fun, relaxed start.

The first visit will be an introduction to the dental office. Your little one will learn about dental equipment used during treatments and meet everyone too.

We’ll show how things are done and let your child know what we will be doing using a language they’d understand.  If there are treatments to be done, rest assured we’ll use a gentle touch.

What If My Child is Anxious about Dental Visits?

If your little one is uncomfortable and feels anxious about being at the dental office, we’ll have you assist us during the visit. We won’t force your child to do anything if he’s scared.

With your help, we’ll be working first on winning the trust of the young patient. It’s important for children to see dentist appointments as a positive experience so they’ll look forward to it.

Benefits of Regular Dental Care for Kids

  • Easing anxiety. If your child is experiencing dental anxiety, introducing them to the dental office can help make them feel comfortable. They’ll see there’s nothing to fear and that the dental team can be their friends.
  • Developing good oral hygiene habits. Your little ones are likely to develop early habits from what they see family members do. Good or bad, these habits will endure a long time, so be a positive influence so they model good hygiene habits.
  • Maintaining good oral health. Your kids will be able to avoid dental problems with regular dental care—which saves you on dental costs.

When Should I Take My Child to the Mississauga Dentist?

The Canadian Dental Association recommends that kids be taken to the dentist for an assessment 6 months after their first tooth comes in. It’s never too late, though, to get your kids started on a lifetime of good dental care.

If you have questions about dentistry for children in Mississauga, please call our team at (289) 724-3005. We’ll be happy to help you book an appointment.

Getting Started With Your Child's Oral Health, A Parent's Guide - Southdown Dental


Getting started with your child’s oral health comes well before their first dental visit. This guide walks you through the Do’s and Don’ts of caring for your child’s oral health.

Download your copy today!


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