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Sportguards & Mouthguards

Importance of a Sports Guard
Mouthguard Solutions For Sports

At Southdown Dental in Mississauga, we educate patients on the importance of preventative dental care. If you’re active in sports, one way to protect your mouth is by wearing a custom sports guard or mouthguard.

The Importance of a Sports Guard

  • Protects the mouth, including the soft tissues on the lips and cheeks
  • Absorbs and redistributes forces caused by traumatic blows
  • Minimizes risk of injuries and damages
  • Protects your braces or bridges

Why Choose a Custom Sports Guard in Mississauga

Although more costly than other types of sports guards, a custom sports mouthguard offers the best protection. It also fits comfortably and perfectly since it’s specially made for your mouth—which means it’s more likely to be worn. And it won’t interfere with speech or breathing.

Why a Boil and Bite Sports Guard Isn’t Recommended

While it’s easily accessible and more affordable, a boil and bite mouthguard feels uncomfortable. It’s created as a one-size-fits-all, but it truly isn’t. It can be too big for your mouth and you’ll need to bite on it to keep it in place.

When to Wear a Custom Sports Mouthguard?

If you’re participating in collision and contact sports such as football and boxing, then wearing a custom mouthguard is crucial. Using this protective device is also beneficial for non-contact activities like skiing, tennis, skating, and gymnastics.

The thickness of your mouthguard will depend on the sports or activity.

Get Your Custom Sports Mouthguard in Mississauga

Can you imagine losing your front teeth all of a sudden? This can happen anytime if you’re active in sports. But you can prevent it by wearing a custom fitted sports mouthguard. Our dental office in Mississauga offers this.

If you’re interested or have more questions about it, please call us today at (289) 724-3005.


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