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Sedation For Dentistry

Report by Dr. K. Khaled - Is Denntal Sedation Right For You?


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In this guide you will learn about: What Happens When You Avoid the Dentist? • What is Sedation Dentistry? • Which Kinds of Dentistry Can Be Done While I’m Sedated? • Am I a Candidate for Sedation Dentistry? • Is Sedation Dangerous?•Process and Recovery

Have you been skipping dental appointments due to dental fears or anxiety? 

We have seen hundreds of people like yourself who are frightened, nervous, or just plain scared of dentistry.

Southdown Dental works with hundreds of patients who are experiencing dental phobia. Our dentist, Dr. Khaled, uses techniques to ease patients with even the most severe dental anxiety. He offers sedation dentistry for both kids and adults.

We offer the following sedation options:

Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas) 

Nitrous oxide or ‘laughing gas” can be added to just about any dental appointment on request, even cleanings! The gas is delivered through a soft nose piece and provides relaxing effects within the first few minutes. With nitrous oxide, you are still completely conscious, just relaxed. Local anesthesia will also be used and given with The Wand® – a computerized anesthesia unit for additional comfort. Once your treatment is complete, the nitrous gas is turned off and the relaxing sedative wears off. You will be fully recovered at this point and can drive yourself to and from the appointment.

Oral Conscious Sedation

Nitrous oxide or laughing gas can be used for most dental treatments. Let us know if you feel you’ll need it. The process is simple.

You’ll receive the gas through a soft nose piece and feel relaxed after a few minutes. You’ll still be conscious but comfortable. Local anesthesia will also be administered through a computerized anesthesia unit called The Wand®.

The nitrous gas is turned off once the procedure is done. The effects wear off right after. You won’t be drowsy and will be able to drive home safely.

Oral Conscious Sedation 

If you feel you need a stronger form of sedation, you can discuss oral conscious sedation with the dentist. This type of sedation is ideal for patients who fear injections and who are age 11 or older.

You’ll take the medication orally and feel sleepy afterward. You’ll remain conscious throughout the treatment but feel as though you’re napping. The effects of oral sedation last many hours, allowing long procedures to be completed in a single visit.

Healthy patients are most likely to be good candidates for oral sedation. A local anesthetic will still be required and will be given after the oral sedative.

Oral sedatives may leave you with no recall of the procedure. You need to follow instructions prior to your appointment and also pre-arrange a ride home as you won’t be able to drive yourself.

Intravenous Sedation (Deep Sedation/Twilight Sedation)  

If you’re experiencing severe dental phobia, you may need IV sedation. This type of sedation uses medications that are injected to the patient. You’ll feel deeply relaxed during your treatment.

You will still be given local anesthetic for additional comfort. And, similar to oral sedation, you’ll be asked to arrange transportation prior to your appointment. You’ll also need to take note of special precautions prior to your visit.

General Anesthesia  

If you will be undergoing a long and complex treatment, you’ll likely receive general anesthesia. You’ll be unconscious throughout the procedure with this type of sedation.

It will be administered by an anesthesiologist, and you will be monitored by a team of registered nurses. First, you inhale a gas through a mask and then receive medications through an IV line.

Even if you have a fear of needles, you’ll be able to receive general anesthesia with ease as you’ll be relaxed beforehand. General anesthesia can be given to both children and adults.

It’s crucial to have someone take you home afterward. You’ll also need to coordinate closely with your dental team for special precautions.

Who Can Benefit from Sedation Dentistry?  

Patients with the following conditions or concerns may find sedation dentistry in Mississauga helpful:

  • High dental fear
  • History of traumatic dental experiences
  • Difficulty getting numb
  • Strong gag reflex
  • Sensitive teeth
  • Complex dental problems and procedures
  • Limited time (appointments) to complete dental care
  • Sensitivity to injections
  • Sensitivity to dental-related noises, smells, and tastes
  • Are afraid or embarrassed by their teeth

Benefits of Sedation  

Sedation dentistry allows patients to undergo dental treatments in a relaxed and comfortable state. Here at Southdown Dental, we ensure you’re comfortable before proceeding with any treatment.

You can also request dental sedation to reduce the number of required dental visits and complete your treatment in one appointment.

With sedation, you get to:

  • Avoid dental fears and anxiety
  • Lessen the number of dental visits
  • Eliminate the feeling of your personal space being invaded
  • Forget most, or all, of the procedure
  • Save money from receiving dental work you need in a shorter period

Dr. Khaled and the rest of our team will be happy to share more information about sedation dentistry for kids and adults. Call our office at (289) 724-3005 to book an appointment.

You can also check out Dr. Khaled’s Children’s Sleep Dentistry website


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